Carbon Steel Ball Valve Part

Carbon Steel Ball Valve Part

Carbon steel ball valve is a valve made of carbon steel material, and carbon steel material is a synthetic material with very good performance.

Product Details

With more than 30 years of casting history, Wenzhou Longzhu   Industrial Co., Ltd. has a large number of experienced casting engineers and   technicians. We can produce castings of various sizes, shapes and materials   according to the drawings provided by customers, especially in the field of   valve castings. Cooperate with Fortune 500 companies for many years.





Material selection:

GS-C251.0619,WCB.WCC,LCB,LCC,LC3,4C,4D,WC6,C5,C12, C12A,CA15CF3,CF8(-196’C),CF3M,CF8M,CF8C,CD4MCu,CK3MC   uN,ZG200-400,ZG230-450,ZG270-500,2G40Cr1,ZG20CrM0.2G15C   r1Mo1V,ZG35Cr1MO.ZG16CrMOG(1Cr5Mo),ZG1Cr13,ZGOCr18Ni9 Ti.5A.KmTB   Cr26.4A




Resin sand casting, etc.

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Product Detail:

Carbon steel ball valve is a valve made of carbon steel material, and carbon steel material is a synthetic material with very good performance. According to the performance of the material, the carbon steel ball valve has many characteristics, such as its simple structure and easy maintenance. Carbon steel ball valves are widely used, not only in petroleum, chemical and other industries, but also in unusual environments such as methane.

Carbon steel ball valves are also suitable for mediums with harsh working conditions, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene, which are widely used in various industries. The cast steel ball valve body may be integral or combined.

Carbon steel ball valve features: The valve is compact in structure, reliable in sealing, simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, and the sealing surface and the spherical surface are often closed. It is not easy to be tested by the medium (electric or pneumatic) (to prevent vibration caused by transportation) Performance), after the qualified, can be installed on the line (wiring according to the electric actuator circuit diagram).

Our promise:

1. Manufacturing exactly according to customer's drawings,strict quality control system to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

2. Timely delivery time can be guaranteed.

3. Quotations can be offered within the shortest possible time.

4. Responding to the enquiry within 2 hours.

5. 24-hour online service.

6. The best price with high quality and service.

7. The most suitable packing method to different products.


Can LongZhu foundry supply machining service as well after casting?

Even if investment casting can reach excellent tolerances, but sometimes, for tighter dimensional tolerances, additional machining will be needed. So to supply finished products, we also have a mature machining production line.

How does LongZhu do quality control for sand casting?

First, we have an area control system in each production process. Secondly, we are equipped with complete test instruments, such as Y-ray detection device, all-digital intelligent ultrasonic flaw detector, low temperature impact tester, desktop, portable Brinell hardness tester, direct reading spectrometer, fluorescent magnetic particle detector, ultrasonic thickness gauge , universal strength testing machine, molten steel thermocouple thermometer, metallographic microscope, etc.Thirdly, sample will be provided before mass production. Also, for mass production, we will select some products randomly for testing. And even if there will be quality problem after delivery, we will also send replacements asap at our own costs or return parts of production payments to our customers directly.

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