Sand Casting of Duplex Stainless Steel Check Valve

Sand Casting of Duplex Stainless Steel Check Valve

The check valve can also be used to supply a line in which the pressure may rise to an auxiliary system that exceeds the system pressure.

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With more than 30 years of casting history, Wenzhou Longzhu   Industrial Co., Ltd. has a large number of experienced casting engineers and   technicians. We can produce castings of various sizes, shapes and materials   according to the drawings provided by customers, especially in the field of   valve castings. Cooperate with Fortune 500 companies for many years.





Material selection:

GS-C251.0619,WCB.WCC,LCB,LCC,LC3,4C,4D,WC6,C5,C12, C12A,CA15CF3,CF8(-196’C),CF3M,CF8M,CF8C,CD4MCu,CK3MC   uN,ZG200-400,ZG230-450,ZG270-500,2G40Cr1,ZG20CrM0.2G15C   r1Mo1V,ZG35Cr1MO.ZG16CrMOG(1Cr5Mo),ZG1Cr13,ZGOCr18Ni9 Ti.5A.KmTB   Cr26.4A




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The check valve can also be used to supply a line in which the pressure may rise to an auxiliary system that exceeds the system pressure. The check valve can be mainly divided into a swing type check valve (rotation according to the center of gravity) and a lift check valve (moving along the axis).

Check Valves The purpose of this type of valve is to allow only the medium to flow in one direction and to prevent flow in the opposite direction. Usually, the valve is automatically operated, and the valve flap is opened by the fluid pressure flowing in one direction; when the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the fluid pressure and the self-reclosing valve flap of the valve disc act on the valve seat to cut off the flow.

The selection criteria for the check valve are as follows:

1. Generally, horizontal lift check valves should be used on horizontal pipes with a nominal diameter of 50 mm;

2. Straight-flow lifting check valves can only be installed in horizontal pipes;

3. The installation position of the swing check valve is not limited. It can be installed on horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines. If it is installed on vertical pipelines, the flow direction of the medium should be from bottom to top;

4. The swing-type check valve should not be made into a small-diameter valve, which can be made into a high working pressure. The nominal pressure can reach 42 MPa, and the nominal diameter can also be made very large, and the maximum can reach 2000 mm or more. Any working medium and any operating temperature range can be applied depending on the material of the housing and the seal. The medium is water, steam, gas, corrosive medium, oil, medicine, and the like. The working temperature range of the medium is between -196 and 800 °C;

5. Spherical check valve is suitable for medium and low pressure pipelines, can be made into large diameter.

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