Analysis of development status and market pattern of control valve industry in 2018

- Dec 18, 2019-

Chinas control valve industry started late, but developed rapidly. In the 1960s, China began to develop single seat valve, double seat valve and other products, mainly imitating the products of the former Soviet Union. Due to the backward level of mechanical industry and low machining accuracy, it can only meet the general control requirements of industrial production process at that time.

In the 1970s, with the expansion of industrial production scale and the improvement of industrial process control requirements, domestic control valve products have been unable to meet the control requirements of high pressure difference, low temperature, high temperature and strong corrosion in production process control. For this reason, some large petrochemical enterprises have introduced some overseas advanced control valves, such as sleeve valve with balance valve core, eccentric rotary valve, etc. at the same time of introducing equipment, which has also become the development direction of domestic control valve manufacturers.

Since the 1980s, with the implementation of Chinas reform and opening-up policy and the rapid development of petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power and other industries, some control valve manufacturers began to introduce the technology and products of famous foreign control valve manufacturers, which significantly improved the variety and quality of control valve products in China. At the same time, the Ministry of machinery industry organized the backbone enterprises of the industry to develop the fine and small control valve series, so that the control valve product series in China can be preliminarily improved.

In the 1990s, with the improvement of domestic industrialization level, Chinas control valve enterprises also made great progress after introducing and digesting foreign advanced technology. A number of private control valve enterprises emerged, especially some joint venture control valve enterprises began to develop and produce their own products, which promoted the substantial improvement of Chinas control valve industry level and shortened the gap with foreign countries 。

Since the 21st century, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the original control valve products have been unable to meet the market demand. Some intelligent control valve products with automatic control technology are gradually welcomed by the market. Since then, Chinas intelligent control valve industry has entered a rapid development period. During this period, a number of control valve manufacturers emerged in the market. Among the state-owned enterprises, Wu Zhong instrument and Chuanyi Co., Ltd. are the industry leaders, while private enterprises such as intelligent automatic control and Zhejiang lino have also become market participants that can not be ignored with high-quality products and services.

At present, domestic control valve manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai. According to the geographical distribution data of the top 50 control valve manufacturers in China in 2017 released by control valve information, 6 in Zhejiang, 4 in Jiangsu and 6 in Shanghai have respectively entered the top 50 sales list of control valve manufacturers in China.

According to the statistics of China Instrument and meter magazine, the current domestic mainstream control valve manufacturers have all obtained ISO9001 quality system certification and TSG manufacturing license for special equipment (pressure pipeline), and some manufacturers have passed API and CE certification, which can be designed and manufactured in accordance with ANSI, API, BS, JIS and other standards. The domestic control valve manufacturers widely adopt computer-aided design (c Ad technology, CAM technology and 3D dynamic design technology improve the efficiency of product development, processing quality and reliability, and effectively improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

The control valve industry is an important part of industrial automation control. The valves used in the fluid control system, from the simplest stop valve to various valves used in the extremely complex automatic control system, have a wide variety of varieties and specifications. The valve can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media.

According to the statistics of sales data of the top 50 enterprises in the whole industry in control valve information, the market of control valve in China in 2017 increased significantly compared with 2016, and the total sales volume of the 50 enterprises on the list was 20.137 billion yuan, an increase of 13.01% compared with 2016. The sales of domestic control valve brands accounted for 37.61%, slightly lower than the market share of 37.64% in 2016, with 33 listed enterprises, 63.39% of the sales of foreign control valve brands, and 17 listed enterprises.

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From 2013 to 2017, the sales proportion of Chinese brands of the top 50 manufacturers was 31.27%, 31.31%, 32.76%, 37.64% and 37.61% respectively. The overall trend was stable, and the development basically kept pace with the industry.

According to the 13th five year plan for the development of national strategic emerging industries, by 2020, an intelligent manufacturing equipment industry system with the ability of system perception and integration coordination will be established and improved, with a domestic market share of 50%, forming a number of industrial clusters and enterprise groups with international competitiveness, and the overall level will be among the international advanced ranks. According to the 13th five year development guide for petroleum and chemical industry issued by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, it is necessary to improve the rate of independence of key equipment of key pumps and valves and strive to make the rate of independence more than 90%.

In addition to the strong support of national policies and industrial policies, domestic control valve manufacturers also have the advantages of higher cost performance, closer to downstream customers and faster after-sales response compared with imported manufacturers. Under the circumstance that the reliability and regulation accuracy of domestic control valve are gradually improved and the gap between domestic control valve and imported advanced products is gradually narrowed, more and more domestic control valve products will be applied to large-scale production lines, so as to accelerate the import substitution process in the industry.

As an important part of Chinas equipment manufacturing industry, industrial control valve industry is widely used in many basic industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemical industry, metallurgy and steel, electric power, light industry, etc. it is an indispensable part of industrial process to accurately control medium flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level and other process parameters. According to the data collection of 171 control valve enterprises, at present, there are more than 16800 design, production, sales, after-sales and trade practitioners in Chinas control valve industry, and the total industry sales in 2017 is more than 25 billion yuan.

At present, the domestic control valve has a maximum operating pressure of 2500 pounds and a maximum operating temperature of 1200 ℃. In addition to the control valves used in some key parts of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, nuclear power and other industries such as high temperature, high pressure and high wear, which need to be imported, the control valve enterprises of other products in China can basically produce and manufacture by themselves. Domestic control valves have been widely used in thermal power units below 1000MW, and some of them have been used in oil refining, ethylene and coal chemical projects. In recent years, Chinas control valve manufacturers have also provided some nuclear control valves for several nuclear power plant units. The proportion of imported control valves required in the projects of Chinas industrial enterprises has decreased year by year. At the same time, the control valve products produced by some domestic enterprises have been exported along with some projects.

The above data and analysis are from the forecast of production and marketing demand and the analysis report of transformation and upgrading of Chinas industrial automatic control system device manufacturing industry issued by the prospective industry research institute.