Stainless steel globe valve advantages

- Feb 15, 2019-

1. Simple structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance.

2. The working stroke is small and the opening and closing time is short.

3, good sealing, small friction between sealing surfaces, long life.

4. The structure of the shut-off valve body is straight-through, direct-flow and right-angle. Straight-through is the most common structure, but its fluid resistance is greatest. DC fluid resistance is small, and it is mostly used for fluids containing solid particles or high viscosity. The right angle valve body is mostly forged, suitable for small through, high pressure shut-off valves.

5. The frictional force of the sealing surface is smaller and more wear-resistant than the gate valve during the opening and closing process.

6, usually only one sealing surface, the manufacturing process is good, easy to repair.


1. The fluid resistance is large, and the force required for opening and closing is large.

2. It is not suitable for media with particles, high viscosity and easy coking.

3. The adjustment performance is poor.

4. The bellows seal stop valve adopts the design of the bellows seal, completely eliminating the shortcomings of the ordinary valve stem packing seal aging and easy to leak. The bellows stop valve not only improves the energy efficiency, increases the safety of the production equipment, and reduces the maintenance. Cost and frequent maintenance also provide a clean and safe working environment.