Valve localization has reached consensus in the domestic valve industry

- Dec 17, 2019-

The valve industry plays a very important role in the development of the national economy as an important link in preparing the manufacturing industry. As China’s domestic valve manufacturing industry still has a certain gap compared with the international advanced level, many key valves with high parameters, high temperature, high pressure and high pounds have always depended on imports. In order to promote the localization of valves, after the Several Opinions of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry, the relevant state departments have made a series of major deployments in accordance with the national requirements for major equipment localization, and are led by the National Development and Reform Commission. China Machinery Industry Federation and China General Machinery Industry Association, Deployed and formulated valve localization plans for major equipment in related fields, and coordinated with relevant departments many times. Nowadays, valve localization has reached a consensus in the domestic valve industry.

stainless steel Check valve

After 20 years, especially in the past few years, the joint efforts of scientific research, design, manufacturing and users have been combined to tackle key problems. In the West-to-East Gas Transmission, South-to-North Water Diversion, Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, one million kilowatt nuclear power plant, one million tons of ethylene reconstruction project, supercritical and ultra-supercritical thermal power plants, oil and gas pipeline transportation, coal chemical industry, large-scale ships, and urban sewage In major engineering equipment projects such as processing and nuclear power, petrochemical, metallurgical, and power stations, except for a small number of high-parameter safety valves and regulating valves that need to be imported, localization of valves has been realized, which has changed the situation that key valves of major equipment have long been constrained by foreign countries. . And strive to achieve localization of major projects and key valves as soon as possible, or part of localization, so that Chinas valve manufacturing industry is in the forefront of the world.

Accelerating the pace of valve localization from scratch Chinas valve localization has always had a long way to go. At that time, Chinas promotion of valve localization was not smooth sailing, but also encountered resistance at all levels, and more of an endless debate. Through the research and coordination of relevant experts from the older generation of valve industry and some scientific research departments of the nuclear industry, we can use domestically produced ones, resolutely use domestic ones, and try our best to save the countrys foreign exchange.

The localization of Chinas valves was nothing at first. It started from scratch and started from the localization of nuclear power plants and nuclear chemical and petrochemical equipment. In the 1980s, it captured the key engineering related projects of the first 600,000 nuclear power units. During the Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, Ningbo Valve Factory, as a pilot enterprise for the localization of nuclear engineering pipe valves, contributed to the localization of valves. After the reform and opening up, China has increased the localization of valves. With the continuous improvement of the manufacturing process in the valve industry, many companies have adopted advanced resin sand out-of-box molding lines to produce casting blanks. The chemical composition of the castings is quickly analyzed using direct-reading spectrometers. Cobalt 60γ-rays are used to detect defects in castings; forging uses advanced technologies such as tire die forging and multidirectional die forging. After entering the 21st century, the localization of valves has accelerated, and the localization of relevant major engineering projects has achieved results.