2020 Beijing Valve Exhibition

- Nov 06, 2019-

2020 the 5th China Beijing International pump, valve and Pipeline Exhibition

2020 Fifth China (Beijing) International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition

Held at the same time: China pump and Valve Technology Summit Forum

Time: April 1-3, 2020 location: Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition background:

In recent years, China's industrialization process has been continuously promoted, manufacturing industry is facing the rapid development of intelligent and green direction, and the demand for pump valve manufacturing industry is growing, and pump valve, as an integral part, also has a huge growth space. As a traditional industry, the pump and valve industry, like other manufacturing industries, also faces the problem of transformation and upgrading. The industry must continue to innovate in order to keep up with the pace of the times. Production enterprises should actively face market challenges, focus on high-tech investment, and further adjust products according to market demand.

In order to meet the challenges and opportunities of industrial development, solve the current new problems and challenges, strengthen the communication, cooperation and integration between manufacturing enterprises and user industries, and enhance the influence and radiation of the pump and pipe valve industry at home and abroad, the Fifth China (Beijing) international pump, valve and pipe exhibition 2020 will be held in April 2020 with the great support of competent departments at home and abroad From 1st to 3rd, it was held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center! The exhibition will further expand the industry chain related to pump and valve pipes, focus on displaying new technologies, new equipment, new products, new processes and new materials in the field of pump and valve pipes at home and abroad. With the strong support of relevant government departments, it will join hands with numerous industry associations to jointly create a broader market opportunity.

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The last exhibition attracted more than 500 domestic and foreign enterprises to bring new technology and equipment to the exhibition. Including Netzsch pump, Shanghai Yuge, hermetic, Hamida valve, tyzil, Skyworth, Dane pump, Anze valve, runjiao valve, bintel, Dalian Empire, Aiken, pramans, Nanfang chemical pump, Shandong Boke, Shandong Bozhong, shandongzeyi, weihaizhide, Beijing Langhe, Jiangnan pump valve, Nantong longying, Yantai walm, Shanghai Hai vacuum pump, Zibo vacuum pump, Anhui Shengtang pump, Xin'anjiang pump, Jiangyin elm pump, Luming pump, new world pump, sidepu pump, Shanghai Nicoli pump, longnai pump, Anhui Tianma valve, anshou valve, Jiangsu Huaying, Youfu, Xintai valve, Jitai valve, lildo valve, Subei valve, Wenzhou Heli, Shanghai chenzhu, Aoxiang automatic control, Hangzhou Aike, Linke S, Ruishun fluid, shengpo stainless steel and other well-known enterprises.

Influence of the exhibition:

The exhibition area is nearly 60000 square meters

Nearly 500 exhibitors

Over 50 participating countries and regions

National and regional pavilions: Germany, South Korea, Italy, Britain, France, the United States, Turkey, India, Japan, Taiwan, etc

The number of professional visitors is estimated to be nearly 50000 from more than 40 countries and regions

Nearly 300 industry cooperation media from more than 40 countries and regions in the world comprehensively promote and report the whole process, and enjoy the influence of brand exhibition

Publicity and promotion:

1. Actively provide the exhibitors with continuously updated market information and policy guidance and consultation, guide the exhibitors to formulate appropriate marketing strategies; and will use their own social resources and excellent organizational capacity to assist the exhibitors to organize product promotion meetings, so that the exhibitors can greatly expand the efficiency of the exhibition.

2. Invite industries such as energy, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, daily chemical industry, coating, biomedicine, papermaking, municipal construction, construction, water supply, gas supply, sewage treatment, environmental protection engineering, machinery manufacturing, plastic machinery, medical equipment, etc. The company has more than 500000 visitors. Invite visitors by phone, email, SMS and mail, visit key invited objects and enjoy VIP treatment.

3. The company visited more than 30 industry related associations and invited members to visit and purchase.

4. The company invites buyers and purchasers from 40 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, CIS, Italy, Japan, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Taiwan and Hong Kong through consulates and relevant foreign industry organizations. On site, organize the one area and one way valve and pipe procurement trade fair.

5. Print 200000 tickets and invitation letters, send invitation letters to similar exhibitions by mail, and invite professionals to visit and purchase.

6. Organize the professional newspapers and magazines in the industry to form an alliance and reach a battle with more than 100 media, such as CCTV, GDTV, TVs, China real estate channel, Guangzhou Daily, China valve network, China pump valve network, China pump valve business network, China chemical manufacturing network, China intelligent manufacturing network, China sewage treatment network, China chemical equipment network, etc. through TV, newspaper, industry media and network platform publicity Slightly cooperation, full coverage.

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I. innovation and development of pump valve technology

II. Business matching meeting of pump valve pipeline

III. application of variable frequency technology to pump valve

IV. application of high efficiency and energy saving pump valve in petrochemical field

V. pumps for environmental protection water treatment industry

Vi. 2020 pump valve system energy saving Technology Forum

Scope of exhibits:

Pump: piston pump, plunger pump, diaphragm pump, roots pump, gear pump, screw pump, sliding vane pump, rotor pump, axial flow pump, vortex pump, mixed flow pump, jet pump, liquid lift pump, chemical pump, sanitary pump, vacuum pump, fire pump, air conditioning pump, sewage pump, spray pump, metering pump, emulsion pump, dosing pump, corrosion-resistant pump (special), centrifugal pump, magnetic pump, positive displacement pump, impurity pump and other pump supporting products;

Valves: ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, blowdown valve, drain valve, check valve, throttle valve, plunger valve, solenoid valve, stop valve; plug valve, pressure reducing valve, regulating valve, safety valve, diaphragm valve, ceramic valve, air release valve, hose valve, angle valve, automatic valve, mixed actuator (actuator) and driving device, etc;

Valve accessories: valve body, valve seat, valve cover, yoke, valve core, bolt, nut, gasket, flange, packing, sealing ring, valve position transmitter and valve pressure testing device, valve grinder, etc;

Pipeline: stainless steel pipe, glass steel pipe, metal pipe, aluminum plastic pipe, composite pipe, water supply and drainage pipe, liquid pipeline, gas pipeline, slurry powder pipeline, pipeline anti-corrosion technical equipment, pipeline welding equipment, pipeline detection equipment and technology, etc;

Actuator: electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, gas-liquid actuator, electro-hydraulic actuator, etc;

Seals: all kinds of pipe fittings, pump valve seal and anti-corrosion, packing seal, all kinds of testing and cleaning equipment, etc;

Process industry: compressor, pump, valve, pipeline, flowmeter, fan, vacuum equipment, instrument, pneumatic component, sensor, transmitter, actuator, joint, sealing material, welding and cutting equipment, fluid conveying equipment and storage system, fluid transmission and control system, fluid seal, fluid treatment, fluid measurement and control system, water treatment equipment, etc.

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