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- Aug 22, 2019-

With more than 30 years of  casting history, Wenzhou Longzhu Industrial Co., Ltd. has a large number of  experienced casting engineers and technicians. We can produce castings of  various sizes, shapes and materials according to the drawings provided by  customers, especially in the field of valve castings. Cooperate with Fortune  500 companies for many years.





Material selection:

GS-C251.0619,WCB.WCC,LCB,LCC,LC3,4C,4D,WC6,C5,C12, C12A,CA15CF3,CF8(-196’C),CF3M,CF8M,CF8C,CD4MCu,CK3MC  uN,ZG200-400,ZG230-450,ZG270-500,2G40Cr1,ZG20CrM0.2G15C  r1Mo1V,ZG35Cr1MO.ZG16CrMOG(1Cr5Mo),ZG1Cr13,ZGOCr18Ni9 Ti.5A.KmTB  Cr26.4A




Resin sand casting, etc.

Valve is the control part of the fluid conveying system. It has the functions of cut-off, regulation, diversion, countercurrent prevention, stabilization, diversion or overflow relief. What is the valve cover? Please follow with us to learn about it!

Cover is a valve component with stem seals, used to connect or support the actuator. Cover and body can be a whole or separate. The valve cover is the top cover, which is the detachable part of the main surface of the valve body assembly. It is usually connected with the valve body with high strength bolts. It is a pressure-bearing part, so the design condition is the same as that of the valve housing. To unload the inner parts of the valve, it is often necessary to unload the cover first; however, there are some valve structures, such as eccentric rotary valve and sliding gate valve, whose cover is cast with the body. In this case, the inner parts of the valve can be removed either through the end face of the inlet or outlet flange or through the end face of another separation valve body. Removable bonnet has the advantage of easy disassembly and the disadvantage of easy falling off of bonnet.

Butterfly valve

There are two uses of the valve cover: one is to locate the valve stem to ensure the normal transmission switch of the valve stem. The second is the sealing effect, which has a certain strength to prevent the flow of internal fluid. In fact, the media is not allowed to flow out. Valve parts with stem seals are used to connect or support the actuator. Cover and body can be integrated or separated. The valve cover in the gate valve mainly acts as a compacting filler.

stainless steel Check valve

There are nameplates on the cover, models of safety valves on the nameplates, and standard and non-standard models of safety valves. Standard safety valve initials A, followed by two numbers representing the connection form and type, followed by a letter representing the sealing surface material, followed by the connection symbol - and the nominal pressure number and the letter representing the valve body material.