Application Of Plug Valve In PVC Resin Production Plant

- May 06, 2020-

In view of the special properties of the medium in the pipeline of PVC resin production plant, such as the toxicity and harmfulness of VCM, the easy explosion under pressure, the easy self polymerization of polymer in the pipeline, etc., it is necessary to provide a set of pneumatic cut-off cock solutions for the users.

In consideration of the scouring and adhesion of the solution mixture on the surface of the bushing, the 360 ° lip of the high-quality PTFE bushing can be selected to be formed around the whole channel by hot pressing, so that in the normal operation process, the 360 ° lip can naturally scrape off the solution medium attached to the surface of the bushing, and at the same time avoid the distortion of the bushing and reduce the cold flow phenomenon.

Based on the easy accumulation of polymer in the pipeline, the structural characteristics of plug without cavity self-lubricating can help to solve the possibility of PVC polymer agglomeration in the cavity, and the plug can be adjusted by adjusting screw, so the operation is simple and convenient.

With three-layer seal, the first layer of PTFE seal; the second layer of v-gasket with triangular pressure ring seal; the third layer of enhanced safety valve stem packing, with sealing performance up to grade 6, to ensure the smooth and safe operation of zero leakage under high pressure.