China's Valve Industry Should Actively Develop Green Production

- Apr 13, 2020-

The topic of environmental protection has become a commonplace, but it is an important link that cannot be ignored in the development of each stage. Due to the lack of attention paid to environmental protection and green production in the early stage for industrial development and economic development, the pollution problem can not be ignored now, and the damage degree of ecological environment is also astonishing. Therefore, no matter which branch of the industrial industry is developed at this stage, green environmental protection must be the top priority of the development of our valve industry. The relevant departments of the state have also made a lot of efforts to implement the policies of energy conservation, material conservation and environmental protection. The valve industry should also actively implement green manufacturing in the development strategy and planning to promote the harmonious development of people and environment.

The so-called green manufacturing refers to the modern manufacturing mode that comprehensively considers environmental damage and resource utilization efficiency under the premise of ensuring product function, quality and cost. It is the development trend of the machinery manufacturing industry in the 21st century. It is an important way to realize the efficient recycling application of resources and energy and minimize the environmental impact, and to establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly type. The energy conservation and emission reduction included in green manufacturing is a prominent problem in the valve industry. Although the smelting of the valve industry is listed in the restricted industry, the bottom line for the survival of the enterprise is drawn. The enterprise should learn new technologies and processes such as energy conservation and emission reduction, develop circular economy, and comprehensively implement green manufacturing. To adjust the structure, change the development mode, eliminate the backward, restrain the overcapacity, and realize the transformation from a big manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, we need to have a development strategy. According to Biao valve, no matter the development of the industry or the progress of the enterprise, it is necessary to formulate a strategic development plan, complete the task of structural adjustment and transformation of the development mode, and strive for sound and rapid development. Through their own efforts, improve the core competitiveness in the whole industry.