Data Analysis Of Valve Industry Market

- Nov 15, 2019-

At present, there are more than 6000 valve enterprises in China, of which 900 have an annual output value of more than 5 million yuan. There are three domestic listed valve companies, namely, CNNC technology, Hongcheng Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Pearl. Last year, CNNCs main business income was 235 million yuan, Hongchengs main business income was 146 million yuan, and Guangdong Pearls main business income was 150 million yuan.

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Due to the governments policy of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry, the strong market demand, and the increase of industry investment capacity, Chinas valve production has continued to grow. Valve is a product with low profit margin, and the market competition is very fierce. At present, Chinas valve industry is labor-intensive, and the expansion of Chinas valve industry is mainly based on quantity. Although there are more and more valve products from China flowing in the international valve market, the voice of the international valve market is not in the hands of Chinese enterprises.

During the economic crisis, the valve market in Asia maintained stable growth. By 2015, Chinas valve market will be 10% larger than that of the United States and four times larger than that of Japan. Buyers will buy $2.4 billion worth of valves. By 2015, three of the top 10 purchasers and six of the top 20 will be in Asia.

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