Definition And Function Of Foot Valve

- Jul 01, 2020-

The bottom valve is an energy-saving valve, which belongs to a kind of check valve. Generally, this installed at the bottom end of the underwater suction pipe of the pump. Restrict the liquid in the pump tube to return to the water source, and play the function of only entering and not exiting. There are many water inlet products and reinforcing ribs on the valve cover, which are not easy to be blocked, and are mainly used in the pipeline for pumping water. The role of water channels and supports. The caliber has single valve, double valve, multi-valve type. There are flange connection and thread connection. Other names: Internal thread lift bottom valve-bottom hole valve, suction valve, water filter valve, shower head; lift bottom valve-flange bottom hole valve; rotary bottom valve-flange rotary bottom well Bottom valve.

The bottom valve is welded to the bottom of the container, so that the best emptying, cleaning and disinfecting effects can be achieved. In addition, the working medium can be well mixed according to various technological requirements during operation. The tank bottom valve is as close as possible to the tank bottom wall, so as to achieve the effect of no dead angle.

Product characteristics of foot valve:

1. The structure is ideal both in terms of flow rate and process requirements. In addition, turbulence does not occur during emptying.

2. It can provide all current international standard interfaces, such as welding type, clamp type or thread type.

3. The valve body materials are US304 and SUS316L. Of course, other alloy steels can also be used according to customer requirements.

4. The surface of the valve body can be mechanically polished or electro-polished according to customer requirements, with an accuracy of 0.25um.

5. The bottom valve can be equipped with manual or pneumatic equipment.

Each pump must be installed with a bottom valve. The bottom valve is usually installed below the water surface, and the water-type bottom valve is installed above the water surface. It is a replacement product of the old-fashioned bottom valve. It is an ideal water diversion device and can also replace the vacuum pump and Vacuum device. The water type bottom valve was designed by the Ministry of Railways Professional Design Institute. It passed the ministerial appraisal in 1985. It was awarded the Science and Technology Progress Award by the Ministry of Railways in 1986. It has been poured into the ninth volume of the "Water Supply and Drainage Design Manual" and the second in the "Energy Communication" magazine in 1990. A report entitled "Efficient and energy-saving water bottom valve" was made for the bottom valve. In 1994, it was awarded the excellent energy-saving product evaluated by the National Economic Commission, the Planning Commission, and the Science and Technology Commission in the National Double 500 Campaign. The bottom valve is reasonable in design, advanced in manufacturing technology, and convenient in installation, use and maintenance. It has the advantages of low friction resistance, long service life, energy saving, etc. It is widely used in supporting facilities of water pumps in petrochemical, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, mining, drainage and irrigation industries.