Don't Lose The Waste Slag Left By The Foundry; It Has A Lot Of Value.....

- Sep 04, 2019-





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Resin sand casting, etc.

In the United States, 2/3 of the slag discharge is used as an iron-making flux every year, directly into the blast furnace or added to the sinter, and recycled inside the steel plant. Among the components of the steel slag, in addition to the uselessness of silicon and phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese (accounting for 80% of the total steel slag) are utilized.

However, steel slag with high sulfur and phosphorus content as a flux will reduce the utilization factor of blast furnace ironmaking and increase the coke ratio.

These steel slags are used as railroad turnouts and road materials in France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Canada and other countries.

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The method is to store the processed steel slag for 3 to 6 months, and use it after the volume is stable.

This kind of steel slag is widely used in the cushion and structural layer of road subgrade, and is especially suitable as an aggregate paving layer for asphalt mixture.

Steel slag road construction has the advantages of high strength, good wear resistance and slip resistance, good durability and low maintenance cost.

Western European countries have a long history of using high-phosphorus steel slag as fertilizer.

Calcium, silicon, manganese and trace elements in steel slag have fertilizer effects and can be applied as slag fertilizer to acidic soil.

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All kinds of steel slag can be used as landfill and reclamation materials.

China currently produces a small amount of steel slag cement, multi-purpose converter steel slag mixed with about 50% blast furnace granulated slag, about 10% gypsum, grinding non-clinker steel slag cement, or about 15% cement clinker instead of steel slag grinding less clinker cement.

Some places in China use electric furnace steel slag to produce white steel slag cement. Japan, the Federal Republic of Germany use steel slag as cement raw material, roasting ferrite cement, which can save energy.

In addition, steel slag can also be used to make bricks, tiles, carbonized building materials, and so on.