Matters Needing Attention In The Use Of Rubber-lined Butterfly Valves

- Jul 17, 2020-

Rubber-lined butterfly valves are mainly used in petroleum, hydropower and other fields, and are generally based on sealed structures. Due to the problem of materials, it is not suitable for use in industries with high temperature and high corrosiveness, but it is much stronger than the traditional butterfly valve in high temperature resistance, but there are actually more places to pay attention to during use, the following Let's take a look at the points that should be paid attention to during use.

1. Pay attention to its scouring position

Especially when the valve plate is open, because if it is flushed from the front in the normally open state, it will directly affect its soft sealing. The front flush should be avoided during formal use to maintain its basic sealing performance.

2. Pay attention to its specific use environment

Because the structure of the rubber-lined butterfly valve is different from other valves, it should be used in a valve environment with a diameter of DN200 or more. This is because its valve plate is thicker, so the overall The flow resistance is relatively large. If used below this standard, the effect will not be particularly good, and the degree of wear of the valve is relatively high.

3. Need to pay attention to the pressure problem

In the case of high pressure during normal use, the squeezing condition inside the valve is tight. If the pressure of the fluid is stronger than the pressure inside the valve, the sealing performance will be affected and the fluid will leak.

The above precautions are to improve the sealing performance of the rubber-lined butterfly valve and prolong its use time, so be careful when using it. This kind of valve has many characteristics, and has the basic advantages of the valve, but also has its uniqueness, such as aging resistance, which is not available in many valves.