Mexico Industrial Manufacturing Fair 2020

- Nov 12, 2019-


Exhibition Brief

Mexico industrial manufacturing exhibition is a comprehensive industrial exhibition sponsored by Claus exhibition company of the United States. The exhibition is held annually in Monterey, Mexico. It is one of the most influential and effective industrial exhibitions in Mexico. At the 23rd exhibition in 2019, 311 enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions around the world exhibited more than 600 brands, with an exhibition area of nearly 15000 square meters. At the same time, 15 high-level forums and 434 business matchmaking meetings were held, attracting a record of more than 12500 professional visitors to visit and purchase. In 2019, the scale of the exhibition increased by 9% compared with the previous year, and the professional visitors increased by 18% compared with the previous year. The vast majority of exhibitors said that they had gained a lot during the exhibition in a few days, had the opportunity to reach sales orders in the near future, and strengthened their willingness to continue to participate. The proportion of on-site booking for 2020 exhibition reached 80%. In 2020, the 24th Mexico industrial manufacturing exhibition will continue to play its role as an important platform in the field of Mexican manufacturing, providing good opportunities for international manufacturing enterprises to enter the Mexican market.

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Mexico is located in the south end of North America, one of the three free trade areas in North America (the United States, Canada, Mexico). The zero tariff policy between them has laid a good foundation for the development of Mexico. Monterey is the third largest city in Mexico and an important industrial city in Mexico. Most of the automobile and auto parts manufacturers (such as engine, chassis, tire, etc.) are located here. In addition, there are steel industry, electronic industry, cement industry and glass industry.


Scope of exhibits

1. Industrial accessories and metal processing equipment: valve, pipeline, casting and forging, pump, environmental protection machinery, machine tool, machine tool, screw machine, polishing machine, deburring machine, chamfering machine, shearing machine, plate stamping machine, press, bar, profile and pipe processing machine, electric corrosion and electrochemical machine, welding and gas cutting, heat treatment, etc.

2. Automation and transmission equipment: hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, cylinder and drive, hydraulic valve, hydraulic accumulator, hydraulic element and system, water-based hydraulic pressure, hydraulic filter, hydraulic pipe fitting, lubrication fastener, transmission connection, spring, powder metallurgy, special manufacturing equipment and testing instrument, bearing and bearing parts, bearing production and processing equipment, bearing detection and testing Quantity and test equipment; air compressor, spare parts for air compressor, compressed air treatment equipment, vacuum technology, air transmission equipment; various motors, reducers, chains, etc.

3. Medical and pharmaceutical equipment: pharmaceutical machinery, API equipment, preparation equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, chemical storage equipment, pharmaceutical water equipment, refrigeration equipment, fluid equipment, etc.

4. Plastic machinery and equipment, rubber machinery and equipment, rubber and plastic processing equipment and quality testing instruments, various plastic products and plastic films, chemical raw materials, auxiliaries and auxiliary materials, molds and accessories for rubber and plastic processing, rubber and plastic products, reaction equipment, drying equipment, separation equipment, concentration equipment, crushing equipment, molding equipment, refrigeration equipment, plastic extruder, film blowing Manufacturing, injection molding, mold manufacturing, accelerator, auxiliary equipment, crusher and mixer, unloader, hot bubble bun, vacuum and gas loading, packaging, sorting equipment, loading equipment, etc.

5. Various processing equipment / tools, general / CNC lathe, turning center, CNC milling machine, small and medium-sized processing center, flexible processing unit, EDM machine, gear cutting and finishing machine, radial drilling machine, drilling and milling machine, plane grinder, internal and external grinder, tool grinder, machine tool accessories, measuring tools and cutting tools, hydraulic and pneumatic parts, automatic control system, assembly technology and equipment , test and inspection equipment, CAD, etc.

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Market introduction

Monterey is the capital of new Leon state in the northeast of Mexico and the third largest city in Mexico. Monterey is the third largest city in Mexico economically. Its industrial and commercial activity is second only to the capital Mexico City and Guadalajara. Monterey is the headquarters of many industrial enterprises and banking consortia. There are many famous international large enterprises, such as FEMSA beverage company, Cemex company, axtel fixed line operation company, Alpha Group, northern commercial bank headquarters, maseca company, Mexico retail giant Salinas group, British American tobacco company, Siemens company, China Lenovo Group Regiment and so on. Monterey is considered to be an Americanized city in Mexico. Its rich history and culture are its characteristics. Monterey has highways and freight railways leading to the United States border, the Gulf of Mexico and other places.

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