Post War Reconstruction Of Syria, 10 Million US Dollars Order Wenzhou Procurement Docking Meeting

- Oct 29, 2019-

The seven-year war in Syria is finally over. This suffering Middle East country is ushering in peace. After seven years of war, millions of refugees have been displaced, the city is covered with ashes and ruins. War economics reminds us that the time has come for post-war reconstruction: providing humanitarian aid, building infrastructure, developing oil and gas, and so on...

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The industries of the Syrian project procurement matchmaking meeting include electric power, medical treatment, construction, valve and pipe fittings, machinery, daily necessities, etc. the Syrian delegation to the meeting is all famous entrepreneurs and relevant personnel of the bonded area. One of them is the owner of the largest furniture factory in the industrial city of Adela, Syria. Their doors, handles, locks, stickers and other products are all purchased from China. There are also many mysterious guests present in Wenzhou...

The current situation in Syria

First of all, let's see how much Syria has lost in the whole war. Syria's losses in this protracted war can be said to be the worst in history. From 2010 to 2015 alone, Syria's GDP has dropped by 75%, let alone in the past two years.

Post war reconstruction facilities

Now Syria, can be said to have nothing, just like a piece of white paper... If we want to rebuild after the war, we will build everything. From water, electricity, gas, natural gas, telecommunication facilities, residential buildings, office buildings, roads, bridges, airports, ports, wharves, hospitals and schools, all of these public facilities should be built from scratch.

"One belt and one road"

Syria is an important bridge in the Eurasian continent. Aleppo has been an important post and node of the ancient Silk Road since ancient times. So we must go through Syria to get through it. If we can take part in the post-war reconstruction in this area, it will be wonderful.

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 Syria stable now?

The situation in Syria is basically stable, with the exception of Idlib Province, which borders Turkey, other regions are safe.

What kind of products are needed for Syria's reconstruction?

In the post-war reconstruction, all the materials were in short supply and the demand was obvious. At present, the most urgent need for power project related supporting products and building materials products, reconstruction of all products related to building decoration. (officially launched in 2019)

"What are the forms of projects in Syria?"

Syria projects are basically carried out in the form of bidding, cooperation and contracting.

"How can we access the Syrian market?"

It will be more convenient and fast for Syria to join China city.

"What materials should be prepared for the past investigation?"

Go to each investment attraction and office, collect relevant forms, fill in detailed information and submit.

Business opportunity meeting in Syria

Time: 2:00 p.m. on March 13, 2019

Address: Baihua hall, 5th floor, International Hotel (No.1, middle Renmin Road)

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