Standardizing Management And Promoting Good Development Of Valve Market In China

- Dec 03, 2019-

At present, domestic key valve manufacturers have been able to design and manufacture various valves in accordance with international standards such as ISO international standards, DIN German standards, AWWA American standards, and some of the manufacturers products have reached the international advanced level. Although the overall level of the valve industry has been greatly improved, but the quality is not stable enough, such as running, emitting, dripping, leaking phenomenon often occurs in domestic valves. The market price of valves in China is relatively stable. Although it rises and falls slightly every year, the range is very small. In addition, there is still a certain gap between Chinas valve supporting capacity and developed countries.

Valve is a product with low profit margin, and the market competition is very fierce. The distribution of valve market is mainly based on the construction of engineering projects. The largest users of valves are petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgy sector, chemical industry and urban construction sector. The petrochemical industry mainly applies API standard gate valve, stop valve and check valve; the power sector mainly uses high-temperature pressure gate valve, stop valve, check valve and safety valve for power station and low-pressure butterfly valve and gate valve for some water supply and drainage valves; the chemical industry mainly uses stainless steel gate valve, stop valve and check valve; the metallurgical industry mainly uses low-pressure large caliber butterfly valve, oxygen stop valve and oxygen ball valve Urban construction departments mainly use low-pressure valves, such as large caliber gate valve for urban water pipeline, central butterfly valve for apartment building construction, metal sealed butterfly valve for urban heating, flat gate valve and ball valve for oil pipeline, stainless steel ball valve for pharmaceutical industry, stainless steel ball valve for food industry, etc.

stainless steel Check valve

The valve is widely used in water treatment industry, mainly for low-pressure valve products, such as butterfly valve, gate valve and check valve. It is understood that there are more than 2000 valve enterprises with a certain scale in the market at present, most of which are located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Central Plains. Due to the relatively low technical content of products, the competition is more intense.

On the one hand, Chinas valve products are facing good development opportunities. With the transfer of oil development to inland oil fields and offshore oil fields, and the development of electric power industry from thermal power of less than 300000 kW to thermal power, hydropower and nuclear power of more than 300000 kW, the performance and parameters of valve products should also be changed according to the changes in equipment application fields. The urban construction system generally adopts a large number of low-pressure valves, and develops to environmental protection type and energy-saving type, that is, from the low-pressure iron gate valve used in the past to environmental protection type rubber plate valve, balance valve, metal seal butterfly valve and middle line seal butterfly valve. The oil and gas transmission engineering is developing towards pipeline, which requires a large number of flat gate valves and ball valves. The other side of energy development is energy conservation, so in terms of energy conservation, it is necessary to develop steam traps and develop them to high parameters of subcritical and supercritical.

With the development of large-scale power station construction, large-diameter and high-pressure safety valves and pressure reducing valves are required, as well as quick opening and closing valves. For the need of complete project, the valve supply is developing from single variety to multiple varieties and specifications. There is a growing trend that all valves required for an engineering project are provided by one valve manufacturer.

On the other hand, we have to take many problems in the valve market seriously. As the valve market in China has basically formed a state-owned, collective, joint venture, stock and private coexistence. In the fierce market competition, it is required to develop steadily, and enterprises are concerned about the following issues: striving to reduce production costs, focusing on improving product performance and efficiency; developing high-tech products of higher grade or producing single small batch of non-standard products; passing the international quality certification of valve products; valve products should be developed in the direction of environmental protection and energy saving. However, it is inevitable that there are some illegal manufacturers who aim at profit and do not hesitate to damage the interests of others, disturbing the normal valve product market development.


The market price of valves in China is relatively stable. Although it rises and falls slightly every year, the range is very small. From the perspective of valve market in North China, it is found that many enterprises make the best of the inferior for profit, seriously disrupting the valve market. The main problems in the valve market are as follows: first, some operators purchase valves without factory name and address, print famous brands and certificates of famous manufacturers, which cause serious damage to the reputation of qualified valve enterprises. Second, renovate the valve, some operators through the second sale after repainting the waste valve, which brings serious safety risks to the project quality.

Through the analysis of the valve market, it is not difficult to find that the valve product market in China has a good development prospect, but we must standardize the market order and strict management to eliminate vicious competition. Here we call for the conscience of peers and the quality supervision of the government.