Structural Length Of F4 Soft Seal Gate Valve In German Standard

- Mar 18, 2020-

German standard F4 gate valve is din3352 din3202-f4, which is in line with the European Union design standard, and is suitable for use as a regulating and intercepting device on the water, sewage, construction, food, electricity, medicine, metallurgy, light textile, energy system and other fluid pipelines. The working pressure of German standard soft seal gate valve is required to be greater than the working pressure of the pipeline. On the premise of not affecting the price, the working pressure that the valve can bear shall be greater than the actual working pressure of the pipeline; any side of the soft seal gate valve under the closed condition shall be able to bear 1.1 times the working pressure of the valve without leakage; under the open condition of the valve, the valve body shall be able to bear twice the working pressure of the valve. The regular valve body requires the use of precision casting. The precise geometric size makes the valve body internal without any finishing ensuring the tightness of the valve. The soft seal gate valve produced by our factory is produced in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant standards. The inner part of the valve body is coated with non-toxic epoxy resin, and the inner and outer surfaces of the ram are completely covered with rubber without rust water or corrosion, which can be used for drinking. The valve body is made of spheroidal graphite casting, which reduces the weight of traditional gate valve by about 20% - 30%. Easy installation and maintenance. Bolt and valve rod can be made of stainless steel, dichromate rod, galvanized rod and Q235 carbon steel rod according to customers requirements. The handwheel has cast iron handwheel and stamping handwheel for users to choose from. The valve body is coated with powder foam epoxy resin, which can prevent the corrosion and rust of the valve body, and can be used in the sewage system. The valve plate adopts rubber of good quality for the whole inner and outer rubber, and the rubber is firmly connected with the ductile iron ram, with good quality and long service time. The bottom of the soft seal gate valve adopts the same flat bottom design as that of the water pipe, which is not easy to cause the accumulation of debris, so that the fluid is unobstructed


The valve stem is designed with three ring seals. The utility model can reduce the friction resistance of the switch, greatly reduce the water leakage phenomenon and can replace the sealing ring without stopping the water construction. Internal and external anti-corrosion of rising stem soft seal gate valve, internal and external of valve body (including variable-speed transmission box), shot blasting and sand cleaning shall be carried out first, and electrostatic spraying of powder non-toxic epoxy resin with thickness of more than 0.3mm shall be made as far as possible. When it is difficult to electrostatic spray non-toxic epoxy resin on large valves, similar non-toxic epoxy paint shall also be applied. The internal of valve body and all parts of valve plate shall be fully anticorrosive. On the one hand, it will not rust when immersed in water, and there will be no electrochemical corrosion between the two metals; on the other hand, the surface shall be smooth to reduce the water resistance. The health requirements of epoxy resin or paint for anti-corrosion in valve body shall be provided with the inspection report of corresponding authority. The chemical and physical properties shall also meet the relevant requirements.

2. Features of German standard copper pressure bus soft seal gate valve:

2.1 Integral rubber coating: the valve adopts integral rubber coating, which has good covering performance and precise geometric dimension, ensuring reliable sealing and long service life.

2.2 Light weight: the valve body is made of nodular iron, light weight and easy to install.

2.3 Flat bottom valve seat: the same flat bottom valve seat design as the water pipe is adopted at the bottom, which does not produce sundries, and the sealing is more reliable.

2.4. Corrosion resistance: the inner cavity is coated with non-toxic epoxy resin to prevent corrosion and rust. It can not only be used for drinking, but also for sewage system.

2.5 Three  seals: the valve rod is sealed with three O-rings, with small friction resistance, light switch and no water leakage.

3. Technical parameters of German standard copper pressure bus soft seal gate valve:

Rated pressure: 1.0MPa, 1.6Mpa

Pressure resistance of valve body: 1.5MPa, 2.4Mpa

Sealing test: 1.1MPa, 1.76Mpa

Working temperature: 0-80 degrees