The 23rd Guangzhou International Fluid Exhibition & Valve, Pipe Fittings & Flange Exhibition

- Dec 11, 2019-

Exhibition Introduction

 FLOWEXPO was founded in 1997 and is held in Guangzhou once a year. It is recognized by the industry as ‘exhibition professional, audience counterparts, and significant effects’. It is also a brand exhibition recognized by Guangzhou. Our exhibition is one of the large-scale, highly specialized and advanced technology exhibitions in the fluid industry. It is important for brand display, engineering procurement, technology procurement, supporting cooperation, user negotiations, import and export, distribution agents, and OEM. Channel.

 FLOWEXPO is located in the treatment, processing, transportation, measurement and control engineering of water / purified water / sewage, hot water / steam, oil / natural gas / gas, air / compressed air / smoke gas, industrial liquid / gas / powder / mixture service. FLOWEXPO is not only a platform for industry communication and trade cooperation, but also a weathervane that has a profound impact on the development of the industry.


FLOWEXPO attracts more than 10,000 professional buyers and suppliers from more than 40 countries and regions each year. It is a global industry exchange and B2B trade show. With the implementation of the national belt and road strategy, we mainly invite professionals from the Belt and Road countries to visit. Let exhibitors face the Belt and Road business opportunities. Let exhibitors get real export opportunities.


Organizers: Guangdong Special Equipment Industry Association, Guangdong Provincial Manufacturing Association, Guangdong Industrial Park Association, Guangdong Industrial Gas Industry Association, Guangdong-CIS International Technology Cooperation Alliance, Zhejiang Pump and Valve Industry Association, Longwan District, Wenzhou Valve Industry Association

Co-organizers: Jiangsu Valve Industry Association, Guangdong Instrument Industry Association, Guangdong Special Equipment Industry Association Energy Saving Professional Committee, Guangdong Special Equipment Industry Association Cylinder Professional Committee

Supporting units: Guangdong Electroplating Industry Association, Guangdong Paper Industry Association, Guangdong Coating Industry Association, South China Green Industry Innovation Alliance, Maoming Petrochemical Industry Association, Nanxiong Chemical Industry Association, Huizhou Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association

Organizers: Guangzhou Fluid Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hechuan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Concurrent activities:

◆ 2020 Belt and Road International Energy Chemical Equipment and Technology Innovation Summit

◆ 2020 Special Pressure Equipment Summit Forum

◆ 2020 Guangdong Special Equipment Industry Association Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Forum

◆ 2020 South China Environmental Industry Development Forum and VOCs Governance Technology Exchange Conference

◆ 2020 Guangdong Gas Technology Industry Exchange Salon

◆ 2020 Technology Innovation Product Awards

◆ 2020 Summit Forum on Key Technologies of Superalloys and Composites

◆ 2020 Guangdong Instrument Innovation Forum

exhibition criteria:

Fluid control equipment: valves, vacuum valves, regulating valves, solenoid valves, actuators, valve bodies, stems, valve springs, and other accessories.

Fluid transmission systems and sealing elements: fluid sealing systems, rubber sealing products, mechanical seals, fluoroplastic products, sealing materials, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, etc.

Fluid machinery accessories: casting forgings, flange gaskets, fasteners, valve positioners, etc.

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