The Epidemic Prevention Production Is Not Wrong, And Wenzhou Longzhu Valve Foundry Returns To Work In An Orderly Manner

- Feb 24, 2020-

The novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wenzhou has taken on the social responsibility. Responding to the call of the government, it has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the meeting of the new crown pneumonia prevention and Control Conference and strictly implemented the ten five criteria requirements. The company has resumed work in February 16th and resumed production.

carbon steel Gate valve

In the face of the severe situation of the epidemic, all staff of Wenzhou Longzhu have concentrated their efforts to overcome the difficulties of the time, arranged and implemented the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work, strictly implemented the prevention and control measures, formulated the emergency plan and work plan for epidemic prevention and control, actively completed the resumption of work report, staff layout and filing, temperature monitoring, home isolation report, preparation of epidemic prevention materials, disinfection inside and outside the plant, personnel and vehicle access control In other work, we will resolutely do a good job in external anti input and internal anti-proliferation, put epidemic prevention and control first, take the hard measures of epidemic prevention and control to ensure the smooth resumption of work and production, and ensure the life safety and health of employees.

The company adjusted its production and operation plan in due time. From February 16, the resumption work has been carried out in succession. After returning to work, all employees are in a stable mood and in good order. At the same time, the service personnel of the development zone will go to the company every day to check safety, send policies and solve problems, so as to guarantee the development of the enterprise.

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The head of the company said that it would further integrate the epidemic prevention and control with the resumption of work of the enterprise, make overall planning and scientific scheduling, strictly and orderly promote the resumption of work, try to overcome the impact of the epidemic, adhere to the two hands, two no mistakes principle of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work, and strive to achieve the first quarter of a good start, laying a solid foundation for the completion of the target tasks of the whole year.