The Manufacturer Of Ball Valve Explains The Working Principle Of Its Products

- Mar 30, 2020-

Floating ball valve can be divided into brass body stainless steel floating ball valve and stainless steel floating ball valve according to different materials. There are many manufacturers of ball valves on the market, most of which are concentrated in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Today, I will introduce the concept of down floating ball valve, which is composed of curved arm, floating ball and other components. It can be used to automatically control the liquid level of water tower or pool. The utility model has the advantages of simple maintenance, flexibility and durability, high accuracy of liquid level control, no interference of water level by water pressure and tight opening and closing.

The plastic ball valve has the function of automatically opening and closing the pipeline to control the water level. It is made of high quality copper. It is small in volume, easy to install, high in sensitivity, small in head loss and no water hammer. It can greatly improve the utilization rate of water tower (pool).

Next, I will introduce the working principle of the down floating ball valve:


Float is always on the water. When the water rises, float also rises. When the float rises, the connecting rod rises. The connecting rod is connected with the valve at the other end. When it rises to a certain position, the connecting rod supports the rubber piston pad to close the water source. When the water level drops, the float also drops, and the connecting rod drives the piston pad to open.

The ball valve regulates the liquid supply by controlling the liquid level. The liquid level of full liquid evaporator is required to be kept at a certain height, which is generally suitable for floating ball expansion valve. The working principle of floating ball valve is to control the opening or closing of a valve by the lowering and rising of the floating ball in the floating ball chamber under the action of liquid level. The floating ball chamber is located on the side of the full liquid evaporator, and the upper and lower parts are connected with the evaporator by a balance pipe, so the liquid level of the two is the same. When the liquid level in the evaporator drops, the liquid level in the floating ball chamber also drops, so the floating ball drops. Depending on the lever function, the valve opening increases and the liquid supply increases. vice versa.