Valve Characteristics

- Jan 20, 2019-

There are two characteristics of the valve, the use characteristics and structural characteristics.

Use characteristics: It determines the main performance and scope of use of the valve. It belongs to the valve characteristics: valve category (closed valve, regulating valve, safety valve, etc.); product type (gate valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, etc.) The material of the main parts of the valve (valve body, valve cover, valve stem, valve disc, sealing surface); valve transmission mode.

Structural characteristics: It determines some structural characteristics of the valve installation, repair, maintenance and other methods. The structural characteristics are: the structural length and overall height of the valve, and the connection form with the pipe (flange connection, thread connection, clamp connection) , external thread connection, welding end connection, etc.; the form of the sealing surface (insert ring, thread ring, surfacing, spray welding, valve body); valve stem structure (rotating rod, lifting rod).