Valve Inspection Technology

- Apr 22, 2020-

Valve inspection: Doing a good job in valve inspection is the prerequisite for valve operation management. A line patrol team should be established

In addition to inspection leaks and construction monitoring, the inspection work of the valve should also be regarded as its main work content, and the inspection work of the inspection valve should be evaluated by the index of valve buried loss.

The main contents of valve inspection work are:

1. It is critical to check the material of the valve.

2. Visual inspection of valve body and seals

3. The opening of the electric valve, the error measurement should be witnessed, whether the switch is sensitive.

4. Whether the pneumatic valve is leaking or stuck.

5. Whether there is leakage in the valve body, packing, bonnet, etc., and the tightness of the packing

6. The pressure sealing test must be based on whether the flange surface is leaking, and the pressure difference between API598 and the national standard must be considered.

7. Whether the bolt is loose, especially the high temperature valve

8. Support position of the valve


9. If it is a thermal insulation valve, is the thermal insulation of the valve complete?

10. Is the installation direction correct?

11. Regularly inspect the valve wells to ensure that they are not buried and do not occupy pressure. Observe the topographic changes at the gate shaft

If the height increases or decreases ensure that the manhole cover is neither buried under pressure nor interferes with the road traffic safety.

The objects should be urged to be moved, and the damaged manhole cover and well ring should be replaced in time, and the collapsed gate shaft should be rebuilt or repaired in time.

12. Do a good job in the inspection of road construction. As the pace of urban construction continues to accelerate, new and improved urban infrastructure

The project continues to increase, do a good job in the valve inspection of the construction road, and prevent the valve from being buried in sync with the road construction.

If the maintenance and replacement work is extremely important.

13. Manhole cover situation: The losses of the manhole cover and its incompatibility have led to accidents by passers-by, which are not uncommon in various cities. To prevent such incidents

Therefore, it is very necessary to use the gate cover as the main point of inspection.

14. The valve is running and leaking, and through inspection, it is found that some valves have obvious failures. Valves such as water leaks can be easily discovered during the inspection process.