Welcome Foreign Customers To Visit Longzhu Carbon Steel Casting

- Jul 22, 2019-

With the rapid development of Longzhu and the continuous innovation of technology, Longzhu Industry has been actively expanding the international market on the basis of constantly developing and consolidating the domestic market, and has attracted the attention of many foreign customers.

Recently, the United States, Singapore, India and other castings purchasers and experts from various countries came to our company for field visits. Chairman Shao and colleagues from the Technical Department of the company warmly received guests from afar.


Accompanied by General Shaos delegation, customers visited the processing workshop and casting finished-parts storage. Through on-site visits and inspections, we have deepened our customersunderstanding of the casting details and processes of our companys carbon steel casting, carbon steel casting and other products. During the visit, Shao always explained the production process and sand test chamber, radiographic test, tensile testing machine of Longzhu in detail to customers, and gave professional answers to customersquestions about stainless steel casting, duplex stainless steel casting, low alloy steel casting and other products. Rich professional knowledge and competence have left a deep impression on customers. Customers have highly appraised the quality of various valve foundries and mechanical fittings made by Longzhu.

12sand test chamber,radiographic test,tensile testing machine

During this visit, customers not only saw the quality of Longzhu, but also got a deeper understanding of the core concept of making products with down-to-earth Longzhu's feet, putting casting, technology and equipment testing in the first place. It is clear that Longzhu Industry is a 100% factory which produces castings according to customer's drawings. Wenzhou Longzhu Industrial Co., Ltd. always adheres to the production requirements of high standard and high quality, does not change its persistence due to market fluctuations, constantly improves technology, improves and optimizes casting quality, provides better casting products for customers, helps customers save production costs and improve production efficiency.

The business scope of Wenzhou Longzhu Industrial Co., Ltd.

Establishment date:


Annual output of steel castings:

5000 tons

single weight:

3.5 tons

Annual output of cast iron castings:

1000 tons

per unit weight:

4 tons

Steel grades:

carbon steel, alloy steel, low   temperature steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and special steel

Cast iron:

alloy cast iron, high chromium   cast iron

Main products:

valve casting, mechanical   accessories, carbon steel casting, stainless steel casting, duplex stainless   steel casting, low alloy steel casting

 Our Longzhu people will face the domestic and international market with more rigorous work style, high quality products and professional after-sales service.