Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Encourages Pump And Valve Industry Associations To Participate In Co-governance For Higher Quality Development

- Feb 26, 2020-

Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province encourages industry associations to participate in quality co-governance to promote industrial quality improvement

In the past time, Zhejiang Quality Supervision Bureau successively held two quality comparison conferences. In these two quality comparisons, the relevant industry associations in Wenzhou were active organizers. The Longwan District Electrical Appliances Association assisted in organizing and implementing the quality comparison activities of indoor lighting switches, and the Yueqing Circuit Breaker Association assisted in organizing and implementing the quality comparison activities of small circuit breakers. The relevant person in charge of the Supervision Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau said that because of the active participation of industry associations, the number of companies participating in the comparison was greater than before, and the application of the comparison results in the industry was more efficient than before.

Participating in the implementation of quality comparison is just a microcosm of the active participation of Wenzhou Industry Association in co-governance of quality. In recent years, Wenzhou City has vigorously promoted the quality work reform pilots of trade associations, boldly delegated power to trade associations, established a work mechanism for trade associations to participate in the co-governance of quality, and allow trade association organizations to play a huge role in promoting the improvement of industrial quality. The special report of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee "Product Quality Law" law enforcement inspection pointed out that Wenzhou devolved the social service functions in 17 administrative powers such as quality management and standardization work to industry associations, and played the role of social organizations in quality supervision and management. Zhejiang Province promotes the innovative practices of Wenzhou City to the whole province, and the Wenzhou Municipal Committee recommends the innovative practices for the 4th Zhejiang Province Public Management Innovation Case.


Zhu Yunhua, director of Wenzhou Quality Supervision Bureau, said that the Wenzhou Industry Associations participation in the quality co-governance reform has been promoted quickly and with good results, mainly due to the attention of the municipal government and overall planning. Now Wenzhou has incorporated the quality reform of industry associations into the content of government function transfer reform, incorporated the funds required for the quality work reform of industry associations into the special fund for product quality development, and incorporated the quality reform results of industry associations into the government quality work assessment content. The Wenzhou Municipal Government has successively held eight quality association reform conferences of industry associations to study and solve the problems and difficulties encountered in a number of reform pilots.

During the reform, Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision and Administration transferred 17 powers (events) to industry associations, involving the promotion of advanced quality management methods, brand building, standardization, quality and safety supervision, administrative approval, anti-counterfeiting, and quality credit construction. . Companies applying for various types of advanced quality and famous brands need to go through the associations recommendation and review procedures. The Association has undertaken the rectification and confirmation of unqualified enterprises under supervision and random inspections, and also established quality and safety risk monitoring points within the Association to carry out industry quality and safety risk monitoring. Associations can participate in the verification of quality supervision administrative licenses.

As of now, the 13 industry associations participating in the quality work reform in Wenzhou have established 11 industry advanced quality management incubation bases, 10 quality and safety risk monitoring points, 13 quality rights liaison rooms, and 12 industry associations have undertaken Wenzhou brand-name products. Right of acceptance, right of preliminary review, right of recommendation.

Driven by the organization of the industry association, Wenzhou enterprises have developed an unprecedented enthusiasm for formulating various standards. In the Yongjia County pump and valve industry, the member companies of the association have revised 53 standards, including 12 national standards, 33 industry standards, and two local standards. Two, "Made in Zhejiang" group standards, five alliance standards.

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By establishing product quality and safety risk monitoring points and anti-counterfeiting and rights protection liaison rooms, industry associations actively collect and report quality and safety risk monitoring reports, and cooperate with quality supervision departments to carry out risk management and anti-counterfeiting and rights protection work, so that the tentacles of supervision can be extended to the grassroots level and to the source of enterprises. Greatly improved the effectiveness of industry regulation. The Yueqing Small Circuit Breaker Industry Association is responsible for the supervision and random inspection of the rectification and confirmation of unqualified enterprises, forming an expert group to provide technical guidance to more than 200 unqualified enterprises and perform the duties of rectification and confirmation.

Since the beginning of this year, the incubation bases of the associations and the Wenzhou Quality Brand Research Center have organized more than 20 advanced quality management training sessions, and more than 800 training companies have been promoted throughout the year. This year, 122 new high-performance management companies have been introduced in the city, leading industry leaders, the proportion of high-growth enterprises implementing advanced quality management reached 74.21%. Driven by the industry association, Wenzhou pumps and valves industry was awarded the title of National Demonstration Zone for Establishing Well-known Brands, and the glasses and pen manufacturing industry was awarded the title of Municipal Quality Product Demonstration Zone.