Wenzhou Longzhu Industrial Co., Ltd. - Group Building Activities Learning To Make Wheat Cake

- Oct 28, 2019-

Our company organized several employees to organize group activities. Through simple production communication, the participants felt the importance of communication and cooperation, and improved the spirit of teamwork. The students learned during the exercise and changed in the experience and benefited a lot. I am more aware of the essence of "teamwork" and the responsibility of being a member of the team. Our biggest achievement is teamwork. Only by working with the team can you break through the difficulties. Charismatic team, passing the positive energy.

All employees work together. We pour the flour into the basin, add the egg whites, add water and then add the ingredients. Add the salt, sugar, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, oil and other seasonings to the filling. Stir well and mix it into the dough for baking. After the time is ripe, the delicious Yongjia wheat cake will be released.

Although it was only a short period of time, many of us never realized our understanding and added a valuable wealth of friendship. It is hard to forget how to laugh together. When our hands are tight, we are brothers and sisters who are in the same boat; when our hearts are closely connected, we are the family that we cherish. Today's quality group building activities are over, but the unity and trust we have learned will not end. I hope that everyone will remember what they have learned today when they encounter problems in the future - unity and cooperation, flexibility, reflection, and difficulties. Overcome all difficulties encountered in work and life.