What Are The Reasons For The Leakage Of Cryogenic Valves

- Jul 22, 2020-

The application range of cryogenic valves is very wide, and the requirements for materials are very strict. The reason why they are called cryogenic valves is that they are often used in environments where the medium temperature is relatively low. The application of cryogenic valves effectively controls the temperature, which can prevent explosions or leakages and other safety hazards. So, what are the reasons for the leakage of the cryogenic valve during use? In fact, there are mainly the following two points.

1. Endoleak

The internal leakage of the cryogenic valve is mainly due to the deformation of the seal at low temperature, mainly because the temperature of the medium has dropped to the temperature at which the material undergoes a phase change, resulting in a change in the volume of the material, causing the original grinding The high-precision sealing surface has warped and deformed, causing poor low-temperature sealing, leading to internal leakage.

2. Leakage

The external leakage is mainly due to the problem of the connection between the valve and the pipeline, such as the gasket, the connecting bolt or the connecting piece. When they are in a low temperature state, the shrinkage between the materials is not synchronized, which eventually leads to leakage.

All in all, cryogenic valves must be used in accordance with the requirements. In the later use process, they must be in a suitable environment, so as to effectively avoid material deformation and avoid leakage problems. The above are the reasons for the leakage of cryogenic valves. In the process of purchasing and using, we must pay more attention to avoid safety accidents. If leakage occurs during use, it must be dealt with in time. And when choosing, we must choose those cryogenic valves produced by regular manufacturers, after all, the quality assurance of regular manufacturers.