Quality Assurance

Certifications available with LZ:

GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008

PED 97/23/EC

API Certificate

Chemical Analysis:

Direct- reading spectrometer capable of testing Fe, Ni, Co, Al based materials and also Nitrogen content.

All heats poured are tested on-line on Spectrometer.

All the scrap used are also tested before using.

Specimens are stored for a particular period.

Physical Testing:

Universal Testing Machine.

Portable Hardness Testing Machine.

Impact Testing Machine.

metallurgical microscope.

Test provided: 

Chemical analysis, tensile test, impact test, dye penetrate test (PT), magnetic particle test (MP), ultrasonic test (UT), hydraulic test, corrosion test, microstructure as well as coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Brinell-hardness-tester Tensile-testing-machine
Coordomate-Measuring-Machine Direct-reading-spectrometer
Fluorescent-magnetic-particle-inspection hydrostatic-testing-machine
impact-testing-machine magnetic-particle-flaw-detector
Metallographic-Laboratory metallurgical-microscope
Radiographic-test Sand-test-chamber